Tracking 100% completion of 5 mini quizzes within Presenter


We have a fairly unique requirement for a course we're building using Presenter and I'm hoping to get some thoughts from the Articulate experts out there on the best approach to making it work.

We are building a 5 module course, which has a mini quizmaker quiz at the end of each module. As well as giving the learner pass/fail feedback depending on whether they get the requisite 80% score in each quiz, we want to reward learners that achieve a 100% score in all five quizzes. What the reward will be hasn't been fully decided yet, though it might be something like an animation that plays with a congratulatory message, or it could be downloadable content like a screensaver or desktop wallpaper.

As far as I know it's not possible to track scores in quizmaker beyond pass/fail, so how to track a pass rate of 80% as well as whether the learner has got 100% to qualify for bonus content has me stumped. Additionally, because we have 5 separate mini-quizzes in one course, we come up against the challenge that only one quizmaker quiz can be tracked within an Articulate authored package.

We'd consider authoring each module as separate SCORM packages and manage some of this functionality in the LMS if it wasn't possible to achieve this in a single package, but are keen to do it in the neatest most user friendly way possible, so are keen to explore all options before committing to a particular solution.

Would really appreciate any feedback, views or solutions other users have come up with for similar problems!


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Phil Mayor

You could build it as 5 seperate modules and combine as a multi-SCO most LMS's will accept these.  There really is no way to track 5 seperate quizes, unless of course you built everything in quizmaker and then track them as a whole, but again the aggregate pass rate would be 80% but you could not have an individual pass rate

Pete Sheppard

Thanks for the input Phil.

So creating it as a multi-SCO would be the way to track all 5 quizzes? How would I go about doing that?

We'd looked at the possibility of builiding the whole course in quizmaker as you mention, but it seems like a rather awkward method, and considering it wouldn't solve all our problems, one to be avoided.

In fact it doesn't matter if we can't capture individual pass rates for each quiz, but we want to be able to feed back to the learner that they've passed if they get more than 80% in each quiz (this doesn't actually need to be tracked in the LMS) and we also want to be able to reward them if they get 100% in all quizzes.

Pete Sheppard

Thanks for the link Phil. Unfortunately, the content needs to be compliant with SCORM 2004 3rd edition, and it looks like that solution will only work for SCORM 1.2 content.

I can see how this would let us capture the 80% or above pass data from all 5 tests, but would it also let us reward those learners who got 100% on all tests?