Tracking Articulate Courses

Hi there. I had sent this post last month and haven't heard anything back.  Therefore, reposting and hoping someone can answer this so our company can move forward with this.

It has been suggested to have any new hires complete the online orientation at home prior to starting on their first day.

Our system isn’t set up probably to have the course on our website; however, we can send the link to our new hires via their personal email address.

Because the elearning wouldn’t be completed through the LMS, is there a way to track the course completion through Articulate and their personal email?  Or what other suggestions do you have?

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

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Matthew Bray Nimeth


I dealt with a similar situation a while back and it is a big challenge. The solution that I opted for was to create a link at the very end of the course that was simply a mailto link. The thing I did was have it send a specific message to a specific unpublished email address (the IT Dept setup for me special for this purpose) and it even had a custom subject line.

Rudimentary at best but it actually worked quite well. We ended up including text in the body of the email addressed for the learner that said not to change the email message and to be sure to hit send. It explained that this email was proof that they had completed the course.

Just an idea, it worked well for us.


Robin Wooten

I am sure others have better hi tech solutions but here is one idea - make sure that the individual must complete all the elearning to get to the last slide (listen to all slides, pass quizzes, etc) then put a link to a wufoo survey on the last slide. You can get a free account with wufoo depending on how many submissions and forms you create. If you get a completed wufoo survey then you know that the individual finished the elearnng. Big advantage is that you can use the survey to find out if the individuals have any questions about the learning and you can respond easily. Wufoo allows you to make the survey in seconds and also reports to go along with them. Plus you have the option to be alerted to each form submission through email. I have no ties to wufoo but have used this method for a year with my students and it works great. They do the elearning for homework and I track homework completion with the wufoo submissions - plus I can go in the next day after reading the comments and have lots of formative data about what my students do or don't understand so I can follow up.