Tracking completion of branched modules

Hi all,

I am going to be creating a course with branching modules. all user with go through general content in the beginning then they will come to a "Role Selection" landing page. (could be 3 roles or more), depending on which role they click, the course will branch out and they will be taken to a unique set of slides meant for their specific role. then all the branched paths with come to a common slide (final assessment welcome page) and they all will go through final assessment.


Questions -

1. Can I have multiple assessments, so we can test them specifically on their branched paths?

2. if no to question 1. I need to be able to track somehow, as to which user clicked which path, can this be done and the data be transferred to the LMS?

3. I was thinking of creating an acknowledgement layer for each layer, but don't know how that acknowledgment can be send over to LMS.


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  1. Sort of. If each branch has an equal number of questions, you can use the assessment the user actually takes to answer an "invisible" assessment they never see. You use the invisible master assessment's results slide to send results to the LMS. See this thread on Ghost Assessments
  2. Using this method, you can include a "fill in the blank" style question that you answer for the user with the branch name they selected. See this related thread from Matthew Bibby
  3. Given the answers above, I'm not sure this is relevant. You could create a variable to capture which path the user selects and display that variable name on the results slide mentioned above. This, combined with the Ghost Assessment, gives you one results slide that is customized based on path and carries the score of the assessment they actually took.