Tracking External Certifications in LMS

Hi All - 

New to the board here.  This isn't specific to Articulate, but was hoping someone could still help.

We are currently evaluating a couple of LMS systems for our company.  Currently we're looking at Docebo and TalentLMS as our top two options (we are with Cornerstone right now but are moving away for a variety of reasons).  I love 90% of what these systems can do, but neither system appears to have the ability to track external classes that double as certifications (like OSHA or CPR).  I believe I can create the external classes, and upload a certificate - but if I want to know how many people in my company have taken or need to take a certain certification, there doesn't seem to be a report that can tell me that.  It's a little frustrating because that's a big chunk of our training here.

So I was hoping to find someone that has similar needs and what their solution is.  We just may not be aware of something, or maybe we need to think differently.

Thanks for any assistance!

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Bob S

Hi Peter,

If you have a defined list of external courses/classes that you want to recognize, one way around this that I've seen work is to create specific "course shells" for each of those external courses. Basically just a page or two  where the learner can put in their relevant information such as date of class completion, etc.

Even seen the actual completion of that course shell in the LMS handled by the sys admin after reviewing the info submitted; but that's a bridge you may not wish to cross.

Hope this helps,