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Joanne Chen

Hi Cristina, you can set two triggers: One is to change state of the next button to hidden when timeline start the slide; the other is to change state of the next button to normal when all the interactivity is done.  So that users would only be able to see and click the next button to jump to the next slide after they finishing the activity. 

cristina eleuteri

Thank you very much,

infact i create a bottom which appears when users have interacted with all
hotspots (I work on variables, variables change, and conditions), but I
have a video too, and I want users see it all, so that my bottom (it is my
personal "next" bottom to go to the next slide) appears at the end of my
video but after clicking some hotspots, during my video is going.

I am not able to do this, because it seems storyline doesn't accept these
two triggers..one with condition "when media completes" and one with my

Thanks for your help


Joanne Chen

Hi Cristina, it doesn't matter if the next button is default or created. Since you created your own Next button, you can set its initial state as hidden. 

If you work with variables, let's say you have five activities (include video one), then you should have five variables(default value "False") for each activity. No matter it was done by clicking a hotspot or completed a media, when user completed an activity, set trigger to adjust its related variable to value 'True'. 

And you can have a numeric variable track how many activities has been done. Let's call the variable "ShowNext"(set default value 0). Add value 1 to "ShowNext" when acitivity variable changed to True. So when all the activities have been completed, the ShowNext vaule would be 5.

Last, change state of the next button to normal when variable ShowNext changes on the condition of its value equal to 5.