Tracking Quiz results for a branch project with 2 paths

built a Storyline 360 project. The project has two paths. The employee picks the path based on the company they work for. (Employees who pick path #1 are employed with Company ABC and employees who pick path #2 are employed with Company XYZ.) Each path has it own quiz. I need to be able to pass a score and a complete/incomplete to our LMS. My question is how can I pass the results from result slide ABC OR results from result slide XYZ to the LMS. I only need to pass the results from one result slide ABC or XYZ not both. When I go to publish under tracking I can only pick one results slide to track.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!


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Edith Crawford

Hi Philip - There are a couple of reasons. Leadership wants to harmonize between both companies and cut down on the number of courses that are created and managed. Also, about 70% of the content is the same for both companies.

To further complicate my issue the passing score for each company is different .

Chris Dale

Hi Phil,

I had a similar issue with a module I created where the user selects some equipment, based on what they select alters the questions they get - there are 16 different combinations. This means I would need to have 16 different scores to go to my LMS which as you have found doesn't seem to be a way of doing. 

I got round it by using a course completion button on the successful layer of the individual results slide, I don't get the score but I do get that they have passed as they only get the layer if they have and you can set the criteria for the different scores within you results slide.

Adam Zamczyk

recently articulate introduced new LMS tracking settings, you can have multiple result slides and the last taken will be recorded by LMS.

before this, I was creating 3rd result slide with 1 question (not visible for learners), the question answer (1-10) was selected depending on the result from 1 of the 2 paths (select 1 if result 1=<10, .....), and this 3rd result slide was recorded by LMS.

but now all should happen automatically with new LMS tracking settings.

lms Tracking


Philip Landry

Maybe a good solution would be to fully harmonize the company's policies in this subject so that there is only one course needed?
Maybe a new scene could be used for each branch and the Initial slide, quiz completion slide(s) could be on another scene so that only one branch would ever be triggered and used and reported ?
I have not needed this type design before but perhaps the documentation or online groups discuss this ?

Good luck

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Edith! I just wanted to chime in and add to what Adam said about the new Expanded Quiz Tracking features. If you have a quiz for each path, on any Results slide, go to the Result Tools—Design tab on the ribbon and click LMS Tracking. Ensure both quizzes are marked as Final Assessments in the LMS tracking window. The first selected option the learner completes gets reported to the LMS.

You may also want to check out section 2 in this article. It talks about creating a course for multiple learning paths and includes an example and image for reference. I hope that helps!