Tracking Quizmaker in another SCORM-created course

A blog reader just sent in this question. He's looking for suggestions on how to use published Quizmaker files in another SCORM-authored course.


We want to author a quiz or test in Quizmaker, export it as a SCORM package and then knit it into the SCORM manifest for our course so the learner seamlessly advances from the final topic into the test. (We have someone experienced guiding us regarding the "knitting" process.) Of course, we'll need test scores captured by the LMS for reporting, which should be standard functionality.
So, is this something that can be accomplished with Quizmaker?

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Phil Mayor

I suppose it would be easy to combine them into a Multi-SCO and hope your LMS supports this, although most do could use something like this

Not sure I would want to manually edit the manifest file, although maybe I am a bit of a coward!