Tracking simple games (hangman)

Hi guys,

So I was just thinking how can I track hangman, and another "guess the word" game in Storyline. Then I come up with this idea of using a "pick one" free form interaction to be able to submit the game. I used Jeanette Brooks' hack in order to do what I need. //

So I am not really sure why I need to track a game though, but I just find it fun to be able to do so. Anyway, l attached the source file, and I hope you find it helpful in some way. 

Here's the output in Tempshare:

Just to add:

Since I am still having the issue where the text is not really crisp in the published output, I created a text variable "C" with the value of " " that I add at the end of a textbox. Although this simply inserts a non breaking space, it makes the text crisper.

Have a great day guys. Storyline is fun to use!


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Dino Bogie

Well done (at least it looks good) still under the learning curve using the articulate software to view/experience presentations in their finish mode.

Looks like you have a clear picture/execution of what it is you wanted to accomplish.

However,  here is another file on hangman that may or may not help you. It is based on pictures. The hangman words will be whatever you named the pictures as. (The pictures will go into a folder) (There are more directions in the pptm file )

Any questions let me know.

Please take a look