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Sep 22, 2020

Hi everyone,

Would you please be able to share some examples of naming conventions that you use to categorize your training?  Mainly, I'm seeking ideas on how to distinguish between mandatory vs. optional training, without using the words "mandatory" or "required."

For example:

Mandatory Training/Required Training --> Common Practices/Organizational Values/Needs/ "Must Haves" /Organization-Wide Training

Optional Training --> Individual Practices/Professional Development/"Nice-to Haves"

(Plus there's that middle category that contains training only for specific roles: Job Specific Training --> Team-Specific Practices/Role-Specific Skills)  

Thank you in advance!


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Philip Landry

I would suggest that the training requirements, frequency and expirations are usually indicated in the LMS matrix of your learners, not in the naming protocol of the training itself. If there is no LMS then perhaps a simple table or spreadsheet indicating requirements etc. can be used. I have been using training module names which describe the material, not the audience.

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Ulises Musseb

I work for a large health care organization, and naming conventions and organizing courses are based on the organization-wide or department specific, then under those by type of requirement, then under those by department.

Additionally, we identify courses for new hires separately, and recurring courses within departments in their own category. The reasons for that is that assignments of those courses are centrally managed.

I'm glad that you are looking for a way of organizing courses, as they can get quite messy if there isn't a naming convention to identify them. However, in my experience, that is not a one-time deal. It evolves and grows as training and organizations change. My suggestions:

  • Don't overcomplicate it - it should be a naming convention and organization that makes it easy to follow and maintain.
  • Use mnemonic names - use names that are intuitive and easy to identify (sometimes people include easily identifiable information, such as dates, department, etc.)
  • Make it easily expandable and updatable - always think that changes will happen in the future, and that there will be changes in how we organize and name courses.
  • Make sure that all the parties involved are aware and follow the conventions and the established organizations. Enforce the established conventions.

I hope that helps.

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