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Hi All,

I have been designing training with my team for several years but previously we had to follow strict layouts and design guidelines.

Finally the restrictions have been removed and we can try and be more creative and create non linear training using storyline.

We are UK based and would like to know if anyone could recommend any training in visual design to help us be more creative and build better more engaging training using storyline.



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Mike Taylor
John Brindle

For me I would just use your gut instinct in the first instance. Take the elements that worked from your previous templates and enhance and develop them as you go along. You have been doing this for a number of years, so I'm pretty sure your instincts will be pretty sharp where the look and feel of your courses are concerned!

I have done a number of re-designs in the past based on my education and teaching experience alone, the visuals have then worked in to how the information should flow through the course. I would personally focus on information and course structure first, then visuals second.

Other than that search for method of action, they have a really cool set of interactive tools about typesetting, colour (called color for our American friends) and some stuff on Bezier curves and the pen tool (mainly for Illustrator users). It's a great place to start when looking at colour schemes!

May I also suggest tools like Adobe Color - a great resource for colour schemes! You can get rgb and hex values for all of the colour schemes there, and best of all anybody can use them!

Good luck!


Erwin Raff


Sean there is a lot of sites in the internet that can help you provide the best tools, knowledge and give you dynamic design.



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