Training Managment

Hello all,

First off I just want to say I use Articulate 09 here at Somerset College and it really is a great tool!

Although my problem isn't related to Articulate it is one thats really grinding me down when it comes to delivering training. What I need is a way of keeping records of what staff member has had certain training so in turn i can see the ones who haven't. This way I can target those staff who have not yet attended and jump in to help.

Does anyone know of any software that can deliver this, the cheaper the better! Alternativly if you have found a way of keeping a track of this without the need for fancy tools then i'd be delighted to hear from you. Thanks for your time.

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Robert Kennedy

Are you looking for low tech or low cost?  While the Excel & Access databases are good choices, they still call for manual input of data unless you are proficient with ASP and can create a database link that might help you track that information.  If not, then you are really looking for an LMS.  While there are low-cost (read: FREE) solutions such as Moodle, you would still require access to the server for setup and some ability to configure for your needs.  The upside is that once you have configured, your work after that is fairly easy as you are not continually inputting the data.