Transcribing pre-recorded audio to text...HELP!!!

I need to transcribe a series of pre-recorded lectures for a narrator to later present to a broader audience of students.

The problem is that the audio quality is poor, the speech is heavily accented, and there are highly technical terms being discussed that are not common in everyday speech.

Manually transcribing will take many, many hours, and using an outside transcription service is not an option because of the confidential information in the lectures.

I have already tried the audacity/soundflower method, but the text that was transcribed is non-sensical for the reasons stated above.

My research has led me in the direction of using Nuance's Dragon transcription software, but you may only use one person's voice per license, and I need to be able to convert lectures from different speakers with different vocal characteristics.

(FYI....I have shared this query on several different forums...)

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your responses in advance.

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