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Kat Fardian

Hi guys,

I'm not positive cause it's been a while since I did it but I think if you have your slide text copied into the notes section for that slide in powerpoint then it will export as text under the slide images when you publish to word. You also need to publish engage and quiz maker stuff to word seperately as you cant get that text when publishing the original powerpoint file.

Just be aware if you copy all the text into the notes panel you can see it in the notes section in the player if you have notes option selected.

Sorry I don't have any better solutions!

Belen Casado

Hi Shailesh,

What I do is to work on the Articulate software slide by slide so there aren't any texts that go out of their fields.

Lately I work with Storyline, that has a translation feature which really solves the problem.

But when I use Presenter, I just work on the slides as if I was building them for the first time.

Hope it helps.


Jann Iaco

One of our Articulate courses has to be translated into Spanish. We have a translator to do the voice over and text work, but I don't know how to proceed with duplicating the files. In other words, how do I keep the  English version in tact with all its' Quizses and Engages, etc.  ---  I know that if I do a "save as" with the Powerpoint file it will unlink itself to the Quizses and Engages. Do I then have to rebuild those files to put into Spanish?

Confused. Not sure what to do!



Stefano Posti

Hello Jann, consider that if you "save"  a Powepoint file as a different one in the same folder, you won't lose anything.

I.E you have course1_en.pptx and course1_en.ppta in a folder. if you open course1_en.pptx and save it as course1_es.pptx in the same folder, and launch an Articulate menu function, your ppta file will be right soon built, with all engage interactions and quizzes linekd!

hope it helps,


Belen Casado

What Stefano says is partially true, as yes, you can change the name of a Power Point file linked to Presenter, but there's more work to do.

Actually, Jann needs to translate the Engage interaction and the Quizzes into Spanish.

With each of the Engage and Quizmaker files, you need to make another version in Spanish, and then you need to open them from the new Power Point file, so the right ones appear when publishing.

Please let me know if I can help you with this.


Belen Casado

Jann Iaco

Belen and Stefano ~

Thank you both!

Belen -- thanks for that additional tip about the Engages and Quizzes---you answered my question about what to do about linking in those elements.  

I just did a quick test with an Articulate program that we no longer use --- I ran through the whole process of  renaming the files (placing the word "Spanish" in the title and then inserting them into the Spanish pptx.)  I have now both the English and Spanish programs (well, soon to be translated Spanish files --all ready to insert the translations)


Thanks again,