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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kate,

The Submit button normally forms part of the quiz assessment and scoring system and has a number of actions attached to it within Storyline for that purpose. As I can't find any other reason why you are getting the reaction you are (i.e. nothing happens when you click Submit), I can only assume that there is something in the coding that prevents you using it as a normal button in the way you want to. I am happy to stand corrected if anyone out there has a more appropriate answer.

Just to add to the confusion, I can use the Submit button to hide and show layers based on your current triggers, so I am even more confused as to why I can't jump to another slide.

However, as the Next button seems to do the job just fine, I would have to question why you are using the Submit button anyway. It would appear to serve no particular purpose as the text variable is still updated when the Next button is clicked and so you simply appear to be duplicating that process with two buttons that sit side by side.

Kate Mackenzie

Hi Ned
I see what you're saying regarding the exact purpose of the submit button - I guess it's as we are in the process of weaning ourselves off a button within the course that was used to "save" the responses, and whether we actually need it!


given that this course is now causing me a world a pain with variables and needing to send it to review within the next 6 minutes I'm about to SCREAM...! ;)