Trigger state change of object on layers

Good day,

Looking for help with trigger state changes based on variable tracking. Have attached an example, where the variable is being tracked but the state change doesn't occur on subsequent layers.

I am trying to allow the user to show knowledge then after 2 attempts they get a hint appear.

Any help be great.




Had attached wrong file.... Corrected now and feel silly !

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Math Notermans

Im very sorry, but in the title you attached ( framework-idea.story ) there is no circle with a hidden state. Not in the base layer, nor in any of the Slide Layers.
I do think you should use a 'custom state' instead of the default 'hidden state' Often better to control. Show me where the circle is with the states ( in an image pls...cause in the version downloaded i cannot find it ) and i make it work...

Math Notermans

Here you go... a lot of unneccessary variables making it tougher to troubleshoot then needed...and changed your elements a bit to make it easier to view... Guess with this you can get it working as needed...

Main points were:
- setting the element to a state on starting a layer
- using just one variable and setting that to 0 when a layer starts/shows
- using a custom state on start and shown...


Math Notermans

I do find the 'hidden' state often too cause trouble. If you search the forum you find a lot of posts about people not getting it to work as 'they think it should work' Mainly i guess because Articulate uses that hidden state for buttons themselves and thus the exact behaviour of it is somewhat obscure. I read an article somewhere from an Articulate developer stating that there are very specfic settings used for the 'normal', 'hidden' and 'hover' states. Therefor i tend to use custom states i make myself for any given project, to prevent things like this. When using buttons offcourse those built-in states work perfectly...