Triggering markers

Feb 26, 2013

HI, i am wondering if the following can be achieved using a trigger and a marker.  The slide has audio that automatically plays when the user gets there.  There is a marker. Upon clicking the marker, the slide audio should start and the content and audio from the trigger must be shown. Upon closing the marker, the slide audio should resume.  How can i achieve this? I have been able to do everyyhing except to resume the audio when the trigger is closed. Ideas?

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Tracy Parish

Hi Renee:

This may not be the solution you are looking for but....

I was able to create, what I think you are looking for, in the first scene in this file.  I had to use a button that looks like a marker, click it an a lightbox opens, the lightbox has a "fake marker" created on it.  Maybe not as smooth as you are looking for, but the audio functions as I think you need.

The second scene I tried to recreate using the same techniques as the first and used layers to put the 2 audio files on, but I to can't seem to get the audio to resume once the layer closes.

Not sure you can use the first method within your design, but it may be work exploring as an option.

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