Triggers and Variables

I have a slide with three buttons that take you to three different layers when clicked. I have added a count variable to these and then a trigger to show another layer when the count reaches three.

However due to the way that triggers are ordered, the second you click on the third button its bringing up the new layer, rather than opening the layer linked to the third button.

How can I get around that? Should I be using states instead of a count variable? 

Thank you in advance.


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Jo Craig

I managed to find a workaround. I used states on the button to set the starting state as hidden and then when the count got to three it changed the state to normal. This allowed the user to click on the third button and visit that layer before the button appeared with the text. Thanks for your help everyone.

Ang CM

Hi Luuk, One thing that stood out to me is that the trigger 'sets' the hazard count at 1, so each time an object is hovered over the counter 'sets' (in effect resets) to 1. To make the counter add up the found hazards the trigger needs to 'add' to the hazard count. But you will also need to figure in disabling more than one count per hazard after first visit, if not the counter will keep adding  to the 'hazards found' every time a visited hazard is re-visted.