Triggers not working correctly

I have a page that has several layers. There are two "landing" pages that users will hit and then click links to open other layers, so basically two layer sets that are set up with the identical triggers. 

This is how they are supposed to function:

User hits "landing" layer and timeline/audio for that layer begins. When they click a link the "landing" layer timeline is triggered to pause as the user is taken to the linked layer. When the user closes the linked layer (and is returned to the "landing" page the "landing" layer timeline should resume from where it left off.


One set of layers works like this, but, when the user is in the second layer set, the "landing" layer timeline pauses as it should when the user clicks a link, but when that user closes the linked layer and is returned to the "landing" page, the timeline starts over. I have checked all the triggers for both sets and they are identical.


Any ideas?

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Michelle Shomler

I had a similar situation... I added a trigger to the base layer to Stop that layer's audio on each of the buttons the user could click to access layers. Then, on each layer, I added a trigger to that layer's Close button to Pause that layer's audio.. so the audio won't play on top of each other. The base layer audio and timeline resume by default with those settings.

Are the layer properties the same? I had the revisit state to reset to initial state on all layers (due to other variables needed for my slide), and it worked as expected even with this... the base layer audio only restarts when the learner leaves the slide and comes back to it. That might help you too?

Scott Jones

Michelle,  that sort of solved the problem (well enough for what I need at least). I tried resetting to initial state and had the same issue, but when I reset to resume saved state, I at least got the second layer set to stop replaying the landing layer audio again...Not perfect but it is definitely better.


Thanks for your help!