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Allison LaMotte

Hi AJ! There are several different ways to achieve this. Depending on how you've built your course, you may prefer one method over another. Here are a couple easy ways to restrict access to your quiz: 


In the player settings, change the navigation settings to restricted (see screenshot). 

Advantage: Super easy to do!

Disadvantage: Learners won't be able to move freely throughout the course. They'll have to watch each slide from start to finish before clicking on the next button. This may make them feel "trapped" instead of empowered to take the online training course at their own pace.


If you have a custom menu slide (with buttons that link to the different sections of your course) you can add a quiz button that's hidden by default (see screenshot).

Then you can add a trigger that changes the state of that button to normal when all the other button states are equal to visited (see screenshot).

Advantage: This allows learners to move more freely throughout the course, while still restricting their access to the quiz until they've seen all the content.

Disadvantage: If you don't currently have a menu slide, you'll have to create one to make this work.

Keep in mind that there are many other ways to achieve this in Storyline, but these 2 methods are a good start. If anyone else has any other tips, feel free to share!