Trouble with Variables

So...the idea of this eLearning, which I put in my "turbo tax" box of trainings where a learner is told what they should or shouldn't do based upon how they answer a series of questions. In this case they are told what training classes to sign up for after telling us what they will do in their job. There is a variable on each slide set to false. If they select that yes they will need that training the variable changes to true. On the final slide they have a list of all of the answers that have switched to true. Only, none of them are working. At first I thought it was because the triggers were on the buttons and not the slide so I moved them all to the slide but they are still not working.

Any thoughts? I am attaching the story.

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David Jordan

I was able to get it to work by doing the following:

On the results slide:

I changed the initial state of the buttons to normal

i changed the triggers to read:

Change state of [button] to Hidden

when the timeline starts

If Variable == False


I only tested it on a a few of em but it seemed to work like that.


David Jordan

I think the biggest factor was what was triggering it. You had it set to trigger when a variable changes, i have it set to trigger with the slide starts.

I dont think yours was triggering because the variable changed before that slide is even visible. If your not on the slide, then those triggers wont activate. 

Rob Morgan

I had figured that out just moments before you posted it. I am going to try to keep everything hidden and just switch the triggers to starting when the slide begins if...

It is crazy how long you can stare at something and not get anywhere and someone else can come in and in a few moments get it working.