True/False Variable Outcomes Sending to LMS

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me out. I've built a flowchart based project, which results in a slide stating the content required. I'm wanting the finishing slides to be given a value or variable which can be pushed out to an LMS. The LMS should read the value/variable, and assign the user to a given area. 

I'm currently talking to my LMS to see if this is possible on their end, but my query is mainly seeing if this can be done for Storyline.

Thanks in advance!

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Matthew Bibby

You can use the same strategy to pass as many variables to the LMS as you want. I once built a copy of a paper form that had over 100 fields and set things up so that all of the info was recorded.

If you use SCORM 2004 rather than SCORM 1.2, the question text will also be passed to the LMS.

So, set things up as per that article, then add another trigger and set it to jump to the next slide after the short answer question is submitted.

Then add a shape over the text (so it appears to be a blank slide and the user won't see what's happening behind the scenes) and add a 'Please wait...' message so people know not to close the project while the data is being recorded in the LMS.

Then duplicate that slide as many times as needed (adjusting the relevant variables as you go).

Also, I altered the message slightly each slide so users could see progression. E.g. slide 1 said 'Please wait.', slide 2 said 'Please wait..', Slide 3 said 'Please wait...' and so on. 

Hope that makes sense!