Try Me Module with Animated screens

I am looking at creating a module that includes an animated screenshot of a equalizer bar that would like to have the user interact with the screen when the equalizer reached certain levels.

So, there would have to be motion on the screenshot, and then it will need to be affected at appropriate times to demonstrate that the learner knows what they are looking for...

I am kind of stuck on what tool to use...

Initially, I was thinking Captivate, as most screen demonstrations and "Try Me" modules bring me to that conclusion.  Then, I started playing with that functionality in Storyline.

Any thoughts as to how to address this?

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Brent Berheim

Thanks, Phil - that was my inkling as well.  Just didn't know if there was a good way in either Storyline or some other tool.

Simon - thanks for the response - I was trying to find some screenshots to show you - but this is a potential project, so didn't have the access that I needed to do this.