Trying to create a "course" that will allow a user to select a reward item.

Jun 26, 2018

Hello all!  Our Safety Admin has asked me to create a course (so to speak) that will allow a user to select a reward item from a list of images.  Once they select that item and hit Submit/Exit, she want the points for that item to show up as that users score.  That way she will know, just by looking at the score, what that individual select for the reward.  I've been working with the Multiple Choice slide, because that is the only one that I can tell that works with points per answer.  BUT - I can't get the score to display correctly.  Is there anyway that I can set the results slide to just display the points instead of a percentage score?

I've attached the file that I've been working on so you can see what I've been talking about. 

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Lukas Adam

Hello Tina,
if I understand you correctly, you want to display just the points on the result slide, just like in this example (I have chosen the maglite flashlight):points

You just have to insert this textbox:

variable reference

"Results.ScorePoints" is the name of the variable you're looking for and the %-signs tell storyline to enter the value of this variable (instead of just writing "Results.ScorePoints" on this place).

I hope this is the solution you were looking for.

Have a nice day!

Lukas Adam

Hi Tina,

you're welcome! Computing variables to a LMS would be a great feature but as far as I know there is no option to do so. I think the only way this could possibly work is using Javascript but I haven't tried this kind of interaction so far. Maybe you find more help regarding this here:

Tina Bradshaw

Hi Lukas,

I read through that discussion and another one links to it and it seems that it is more for pulling information out of an LMS (i.e. - username) than for displaying "Points" instead of a score.  BUT - I did get some new ideas to try - so - maybe I'll find something that will work!  

Thanks again!!!