Trying to Create an Office "Helpdesk"

Just looking for a few ideas to jumpstart a project I'm toying around with. 

A few people have requested some help with Office, specifically Excel, and I want to build something along the lines of:

*Person opens learning*:

First page: What do you need help with?

*drop down menu of choices*

User: Formulas

Formula Page: What formula do you need help with?

*Drop down menu of basic formulas*

User: Averages

Average page has basic info and images.

I don't want this to get too big, do you think something like this could work at all with Storyline?

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Alicia Pennington


I just saw Greg Damron's post on making mouse over drop down menus in Storyline at

You might could use this as a base for your Office Products - Word, Outlook, Excel, PPT with various tasks as the menu choices.

After they make a selection, you could use Storyline's screen recording feature to demonstrate the task.


Sales Framework

This reminds me a little of the Jellyvision "Interactive Conversations"

I created a super quick demo to show how easy the functionality can be. Treat each "diagnosis" question as it's own slide, with one button for each option you want to provide. 

The button will link to a new slide that asks another question to diagnose the problem. 

When the problem is diagnosed, you have your information slide(s), and can include a "start over" option at the end.

Ashley W

April, Oh wow, I love that design for the interactive conversations.  That's not quite what I need for this particular scenario, but I can DEFINITELY use that for troubleshooting scenarios I'm going to be working on here pretty soon.  Even still, though, thinking about it a bit more, I think I may just end up using that.  I love it.  The quick one you built is just awesome.

And Alicia, I had noticed that thread the day I started working on this project as well and plan on implementing it.  Thank you!

My basic plan at the moment is to get a lot of text-based information in, so that someone could easily search to find what they need.  There's a limit to the internet access available for these individuals, which is why I'm doing this in the first place.

David Charney


Yes you can create this in Storyline. There are many tutorials out there. Look up Storyline navigation tutorials. If you want to be a bit literal, you can also take a few photos of a desk/reception area, add a fake sign over the desk that says "HELP DESK" in Photoshop, and place the menus on top. Voilà, [almost] instant Help Desk!