Trying to improve my Rise course!


I am developing a course using Rise, and I have a few questions which I have listed below. 

'Knowledge Check':

 I have added a 'Knowledge Check' element at the end of all my lessons. Is there a way the answers can also be displayed externally  eg. sent in an email or displayed to the person marking the questions?  I want to be able to see the results of the person learning as they progress through the course. Can I make them complete the question before moving to the next lesson? 

'Code Snippet':

Also, I was wondering how to use the code element. Does the code snippet just displaying the code? Or should it actual display what is written in the code. For example: when I change the code to produce a heading, it only displays the html and not the actual heading.   


- Is there an option to change the colour of each block element? Or is the only option in settings where the theme colour is set? 

- Can I resize an image once it has been uploaded into rise? For example as a centered image?

I hope these questions all make sense! 

Thanks in advance for your help :) 

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Ashley Terwilliger


Love that you're really digging into Rise and figuring out what'll work for your course set up! 

With the Knowledge Checks they are designed as ungraded, lean forward moments to help a user check their understanding of a topic or content. This set up empowers the user to take  an informal, ungraded moment before moving forward. If they don't answer the Knowledge check they can scroll past it to advance to the next lesson or next section within Blocks. Knowledge Checks are not graded or scored as a Quiz lesson would be and tracked within the LMS.

The "Code Snippet" block is designed to have the code display on the screen for a user to be able to see the actual back end code, and if necessary copy and paste it out into another tool. 

The theme colors for Rise are controlled at the course level and will apply to all sections of the course. The concept of changing each individual block sounds like a good feature though, and something worth sharing with our Product team! 

For images in Rise, you'll want to follow the steps here for using the best possible images you've got, and keep in mind that based on the responsive nature of it, Rise is going to scale and crop them as necessary for different devices and outputs. 

Hope that covered all your questions, and let us know if there is anything else you need! You may also want to take a look at the Rise specific forum here - as there is a lot of great information and ideas being shared there as well! 

Human Resources


You can change the background colour for the individual blocks. I have attached a screen shot to show you where to do that - but you might be talking about the actual elements, bullet points, accent lines etc.? Agree that would be a great feature!

Cheers, Mahala