Trying to source some cut out clothes to use in Storyline!

Hi, as part of our on-line induction course we have a section about appropriate dress code for staff. Rather than just telling them what we expect them to wear, I'd like to give them the opportunity to experiment with what they think is appropriate and then get feedback on their choices. However to acheive this I have 2 small obstacles;

1. I need to source a set of suitable images of clothes

So has anyone come across a library of cut out clothes, or something similar that I could use? I already use the cut out character packs from elearningart and wondered if there was something similar but with just various items of clothing? Or is this something I'd have to get a a freelance illustrator to knock up?

2. Has anyone created anything similar in Storyline?

I'm guessing it could be done with the combination of freeform drag and drop items and variables, but if someone already has an example I'd be interested to see how they did it.



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David Lockett

Thanks Bruce and Mike. I will try emailing Bryan Jones at eLearningArt as I'm after real clothes rather than clip art, but may have to resort to that. After seeing the comment about eLearningArt I managed to catch one of the eLearning Brothers at LT2014 yesterday and they are also investigating possibilities based on their cut out characters.

Bryan Jones


I'm happy to take a crack at this. Send me the links to a few of the outfits you'd like and we can see what happens when we deconstruct the an outfits. I'm thinking we

  1. start with 2 outfits and in a pose you like 
  2. break each element of clothing into into a separate image (e.g. pants, shirt, shoes)

Then you can provide feedback and we can take it from there. You can email or PM me directly and we'll get this going. 




David Lockett

Bryan, thanks for the reply. Sorry i didn't pick this up earlier. I think our filters are blocking the replies.

It would be great if you could do something, but I have certain criteria that i need to hit to make this a success, so I'll drop an email direct to the main elearning art mailbox and hopefully it will make its way to you soon.