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Jay Yearley

Awesome, thanks Jerson. 

Was about to ask in the forums about if this was possible to change the markers to an image of choice - and this answered it!

By the way, for those who wonder - it's also possible to create another "state" of the custom image, such as when "Hover".  Just create a different image to show when the hovers over it.   Create a New State for the "Hover" state, then copy that image and paste it in the Hover state panel, much like was done in the original tutorial.


Jay Yearley

This Marker Hack was used for a recent Storyline file I was creating. It uses a custom, separate image when the marker is hovered over, and it also displays the callout for each.

For anyone who would like to take a look at another example of how this marker hack can be implemented, feel free to take a look here: https://googledrive.com/host/0B8SHqP4cABKYaDhfRUlpc2tuTVE    You'll also learn some history about the Chicago World's Fair.