Turning Pages in a Book Effect - Storyline 360

Feb 07, 2019

Hi All!  I have some very dry (and lengthy) content to go over in an eLearning course and I thought it would be a fun interaction to have them flip through a "book" to read some of the info. I found this animation on a blog, but they do not reference how they created this interaction, or with what tool. Does anyone have an idea of how to simulate turning pages in a book in SL360? I searched for existing templates but am not having much luck. I attached a short video to show you what I would like to do. Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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David Tait

That's a great example Matthew.

@Kristen, I'm yet to see an example of this that's native to Storyline unfortunately. Personally I think it might get a bit tedious if the page turn was used on a lot of slides in a large module.

Instead I'd look for ways to make the content more visually appealing if you're worried it's too boring as is. 

Kristin Koeleman

My plan was to just use this in one of the five sections -  I was looking for five different interactions to use. What is weird is PPT has the page turning transition, but importing the PPT into SL doesn't work (probably since SL does not have that transition option.) Bummer. Thanks for suggestions.