Tutor Needed: Must have experience with 508 compliant course design

  • Hello! I have been a low-level user of Storyline off and on over the past several years. While I have a decent familiarity with the basics, designing 508 compliant courses is beyond my present scope. I have read a zillion articles and watched many very helpful tutorials here in the forums/on the site, and while some have helped, I'm keen to hire someone for a couple of 1:1 online tutoring sessions. I need to learn how to build a small prototype course that is 508 compliant in terms of navigation. I already understand contrasting font colors, font size, and things of that nature. What I'm unsure about are things like the following:
    • keyboard only navigation, including:
      • quizzes
      • feedback screens in quizzes
      • accessing a glossary
      • accessing job aids
      • clicking through hyperlinks and then closing the new window that opened
      • accessing the transcript 

I think if I can work with someone to help me build a small 5-6 slide prototype, I'll be set. I can mock up a storyboard that calls for the types things I need to build in the real world. 

Please respond below if you offer such services. Please include a link to an articulate review or other address where I might see an example of your 508 compliant work. 

Thank you!


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