Tutorial that shows timing hyperlinks

Hey guys,

I seem to remember a tutorial/blog/screenr (of course I don't remember which one) that showed how to create an activity where the learner is supposed to click the button when the animation switches from red to orange (or when the beaker fills...i think there were two examples) and it is achieved by invisable hyperlinks.

Does anyone have the link to the tutorial I am thinking of?


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James Brown

I know if this were flash we would be talking about a timing effect where once the timer hit a certain number the action script would trigger the box to turn from red to orange. However with power point, the only way I am aware of accomplishing what you are describing is with branching scenarios. The invisible hyperlinks are created by using the insert autoshape / Action Script box. Instead of setting fill to "No-Fill" you would set it to 100% transparency.

Kayla Burtch

I have done something similar already, and I got the inspiration from a tutorial I saw.

It involved having a orange shape which "turned" into a red shape (ie orange shape exit red shape enter) or something along those lines, while similarly timed invisable hyperlinks that go to different places appeared over the "guess" button (but of course the user would not notice that one invisable hyperlink turned into another)

I have done something similar in a "timed" activity. The user sees a timer counting down 15 seconds (exit "wipe" animation) while if they choose the correct answer during the first 5 second, 5-10 seconds, or 15 seconds they are hyperlinked to three different feedbacks (three different hyperlinks that are set to appear/disappear appropriately at the 5 second, and 10second mark)

I've done this successfully but have found that even though I set the wipe animation to take 15 seconds, and this works PERFECTLY in powerpoint, when I publish/preview in articulate it speeds it up like crazy. (takes only 4 seconds or so)

I was hoping the tutorial/screenr that did the beaker filling might have a solution to my problem. (I remember the tutorial/screenr having the hyperlinks shaded different colours so that you could see when one hyperlink ends and the other begins)

Right now I am working on a work-around where I create the timer as a flash object  through powerpoint (although I have to set the wipe animation to last 38 seconds to get an output that lasts 15 seconds...very strange) and then adding it as a flash object to presenter. Seems to be working so far...we shall see.