Two different question pools in one quiz

Sep 15, 2020

Hi everyone,

I have a special request for a quiz. We have a pool of around 25 questions, 10 of those questions are mandatory questions. So far so good.

What my colleagues want to know is:
Would it somehow be possible to pull five questions out of the pool with the 10 mandatory questions and another five from the rest of the pool consisting of 15 questions? And all that within one and the same quiz with just one result slide that shows the combined result for the 5+5 questions?

Thanks in advance.

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Judy Nollet

Hi Patrick,

That's exactly what Quiz Banks (QBs) are for. 

  • Set up a QB for the "mandatory" questions and another QB for optional questions. 
  • Insert a draw for each QB, and set each to pull as many questions as you want. 
  • Insert a Results slide that scores both QBs. 

Alternately, if you have 10 questions that are all truly mandatory, you could put all the questions into 1 QB, and then indicate that the mandatory questions should always be pulled, and the rest can be pulled randomly. There's more about that in this thread: 

Patrick Schmid

Hi Judy, thanks for your reply. I got it working as I intended by splitting the questions into two seperate question banks.

I do have a follow-up question on the matter though:

I now have two question banks, one with mandatory and one with additional questions. Five questions are pulled from each to form a quiz consisting of 10 questions overall. For now, the quota to pass the quiz was 80%.

My question is the following: Is it possible to set that these 80% must consist of 5/5 correct answers from the mandatory pool and 3/5 from the addional pool? If so, how would you do that? And how would you transfer the result to our LMS (Moodle)?


Judy Nollet

Hi, Patrick,

There's no direct Storyline programming that allows you to specify which questions must be answered correctly. 

However, indirectly, you could raise the point values for the mandatory questions so that the user would only pass if they answer those questions correctly. If you do that, I suggest you indicate the possible points for each question so the user understands how they're being graded. 

Patrick Schmid

Thanks for your inputs. I actually solved it by using yet a different approach:

I started out with the first question bank with the mandatory questions and a random draw of five. I then included a result slide just for the first five questions. If any of those are wrong, the quiz is over since they need 5/5. If all are correct, they go on with the random draw from the additional questions. After those, another result slide then tells them how they did on that second part. If the score is below 3/5 for the second part, the quiz ends here, if not they go on to the final result slide.

The final result slide then combines the results of the other two result slides and shows the "sucess"-slide if the user solved 8/10 in total. That result is then reported to the LMS.
The "failed"-slides from part 1 and 2 also report their "failed"-result to the LMS.

Maybe not the most elegant approach with three result slides, but it works for what I needed right now without putting too much work into custom variables.


You could tweak this slightly to improve the user experience:

On your first result slide, add a trigger on your success layer to jump to your next slide at timeline start of the success layer. Users won't see the results if they are succeeding but will just continue with what appears to be a single quiz. Do not do this on the fail layer, go ahead and give them the feedback and kick them out.

You can even put a big mask over the results on the success layer just to ensure that if any buffering occurs at that precise moment, the user is less likely to see the results flicker in and then out.

You may or may not consider doing the same on the second results slide.

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