Two Video Clips on One Slide

Jun 03, 2011

In Presenter 09, Is there a way to place two SWF video clips side by side on a single slide and have both run at the same time?


D. Knepper

PA Dept of Transportation

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Phil Mayor

Hi DEnnis, articulate is limited to one swf on a slide

The easy way is you can insert one as a flash movie and the other as a web object

Your other option uses the fact articulate publishes the background ond foreground of the slides seperately. This is to set the slide on a separate slide master (separate to all other slides) in PowerPoint position the swf where you want it on a 720 by 540 stage including all the slide elements on your slide master in flash publish the flash file (to aid positing you could also export to png and insert onto your slide master)

insert your second swf in articulate after publishing open the published folder navigate to data/swf and find the slides named bg1 etc

Find your slide master for the slide you want two swfs on and replace this swf with your just published swf, you will then get waht looks like to swfs on one slide


Jason Morris

Tom Kuhlmann said:

What about using Quizmaker?  It's easy to do and works. 

Use a single blank slide with a transparent template.  Here's an example of how it works. Using a solid background lets you make ti as seamless as possible, but you can use any background you like.

Tom, I'm still not figuring out how you did this in quiz maker!  In your mock up, there's no quiz question/answer, which is what I need along with video A and video B.  Can you possibly expand?  Thank you.
David Anderson

@Jason - Here's an example from Ron Price on setting up two videos:

Update: I see you wanted a quiz question along with video. Here's a quick example on how you can do that in Quizmaker.

The thing is to include a space (blank space) for each question choice. This tells Quizmaker to include the radio button or checkbox for each active choice.


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