Typing courses

Nov 20, 2012

Hiya Everyone

Does anyone have any idea as to how I may be able to create a touch typing course in Articulate?  I do not have Storyboard.

Either that or does anyone know someone who has already made one who would be happy to 'donate' this to our NHS Trust, for our staff to use?

Take Care


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Minh-Triet Nguyen

Not really a course on fundamentals of touch typing, but I loved this site before the firewall clamped down on it.  Users race with other users to see who can finish typing a random segment of prose first.  Then it saves your wpm and even has a leaderboard.


But my all time favorite tool is an old Sega Dreamcast game titled "The Typing of the Dead." You basically fight hoardes of zombies with your touch typing skills. 


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