UFOs and Learning

Not that UFO but more like "uncertainty, foundations and outliers". I feel as if the learning industry and/or specific members (like me) are about to jump into uncertain Area 51 thoughts without having the underpinnings  of well thought out solutions, discussions and common understandings of the issues. Examples: learning 'courses' are dead yet learning is very much alive. How do we create equivalencies between a 90 minute leadership Storyline course and 3 PDFs from Harvard 's HBR, 2 YouTube videos and 1 TED talk? How do we do that? Who creates the taxonomies and index keys that have some cross commonalities? Where does that data and its structures reside? Are there new xAPI uses, LRS like platforms, LX connectors that need to be developed? Next, how do we place all of this and more in context with competencies, skills gap analysis, assessment instruments and 'certifications'? All of these answers will help us in defining the responses to the business analytics that will drive the next version of learning. We will all need to take that jump of faith into the unknown but I wish that we could do it together with a sense of some shared  foundational knowledge and not be a bunch of outliers. Are these questions worth discussing? Do we need something like an Articulate Forum Zoom group to explore some next steps or at least to formulate the questions?

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