UK based LMS Hosting consultancy -is moodle the answer


I recently joined a company. I am trying to make a quick decision, with little knowledge of LMS and little budget to find an interactive learning system (current is lots of word docs -called e-briefings-and multichoice quizzes).

so far I have decided to go for moodle hosting solution and buy articulate. I still don't know how easy these will be for our small staff team to use, if this will allow us to creat courses for users, set different peramitters for different users, set different prices for the same course, easily create interactive courses that are easy for the user to navigate. I have been offered 5gb so far and I don't know if that's enough.

I have to decide by end July and I haven't worked in this area of elearning before I have only previously bought the courses for my company not produced them.

can any one help

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Simon Perkins

Hi Mandy

Have you already gone ahead with Moodle? Other LMS' are available, naturally depending on budget, spec, level or support required etc. And have you bought Storyline or Studio? Both are capable of producing excellent content. There is a learning curve though, but now you've arrived here in our community you'll find lots of discussions, QnA, tutorials etc to help you on your way. I assume you haven't invested yet as you also mention making a decision by the end of July.

What do you mean by setting different parameters for different users? Users with different roles/responsibilities? If so, you can create different courses (SCORMs) for each or else you can create one big super course, let the learner choose their role/responsibility and have the course (via the use of variables for example) take care of their learning path.

Different pricing? That needs to be handled by the LMS. I don't have experience of that with Moodle but someone else here can confirm. Plenty of other LMS' allow the client to set pricing tables. Speaking of which, would you entertain another kind of online store, e.g something like WooCommerce (running off of a WordPress site) for this part?

If you can elaborate on what you're trying to achieve and maybe share an indication of budget then that'll help us more.