UK IDs - Accessibility Requirements?


Really just asking the UK workers here - as I know there are differences.

I've potentially got my first accessibility requirements to meet in SL360 - what issues have you come across (if any), and any hints and tips.

I have looked/re-looked at the Help content, but really just looking for "stories from the trenches", as I'm led to believe that it is a slightly different issue/requirements over here, (this may or may not be true by the way!)


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Bruce Graham

Yep - it's an issue at the moment!

No users in the estate currently using using JAWS, but it is going to become an issue.

QUESTION - as one of the WCAG requirements is that designers build font sizes appropriately, and we cannot change the font size in the Menu, (more than 200% anyway, and it is one of the main navigation mechanisms), how do we achieve visual compliance using SL360, or do we have to rely on things like Zoom type products to enhance the size rather than do it natively?

Nancy Woinoski

The standard says that fonts should be zoomable up to 200% but there is no way to zoom the menu within Storyline so you have to rely on the browser to scale everything with the Zoom feature. The only thing you can do is pick a font that will still look good when the browser zoom is applied.

Nancy Woinoski

Yes, but my understanding is the zoom is supposed to be under user control which is the part that is not supported in SL. So you can set the menu to 200% which will most likely make it big enough for people with poor vision, but the list items will be truncated sooner (...) because of the increased size which will make the menu less user friendly in general. The trick is to try to stick with really short titles.