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Bruce Graham

Hi Stanton,

I spoke to ASTD at some length about 2 years ago on this topic. They did have some sort of "International" groups, but at the time they told me it was all a bit vague, and changing anyway.

The website says they have "International" members, but that is of the US organisation, and approaches to learning/educational requirements are very different in the US from Europe (for example). Being "international" does not mean there are any localised groups - nothing seems to show up on the Chapter Locator for UK. My nearest ATD chapter appears to be in Florida :)

So, bottom line (as I understand it), no, we have no ATD, or ATD equivalent. There are loads of other disparate groups, and organisations, but no unified body that I am aware of. It may be the world's largest learning body, but seems to have little interest in representing the learning community locally, outside the US and the US learning traditions.