Unable to build an interactive menu , using True/False variables

Feb 14, 2019

I have a course with several chapters. The learner can take the chapters in the order he likes. When he reaches the last slide of one topic, the main menu is displayed again on that slide, and the topic seen is marked with a "visited" state.  He can move to any other topic from that page.
I don't want the learner to get back to the main menu slide.
I need that the state of the topic seen to be updated on that slide but also on all last slides of all topics.

I have tried to use True/False variable to change the status, bu it has not worked so far.

To be more clear, I have attached a diagram to describe what I want to achieve.

Hopping that someone has a clue.

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Shaun Martin

Hi Thierry,

Looking over your diagram I think you're nearly there. All you need to do is on the final slides where want the states to change to visited make the trigger:

When timeline starts on slide, change the state of Zoom In to 'visited' if variable = 'true'.

You've currently got it set to change when the variable changes... the variable has already changed before you get to this slide (and therefore is not recognised when you are on this slide).

Also, without knowing the reason that you don't want the learners to revisit the main menu, I would still say that it would be less work for you if you sent them back to the main menu and set the topics to show as visisted when they enter the slide as per the method above. Otherwise you're having to duplicate slides and triggers...

Hope this helps.



Ned Whiteley

Hi Thierry,

I would have to agree with Shaun that you will make your life easier by returning the user to the main menu at the end of each section, otherwise you are simply making three extra copies of your menu and a load of extra triggers for no real gain in usability.

I have attached an example I produced in answer to another post several weeks ago that may give you some ideas. In this case there are six menu items, each one is marked with a check mark once visited and can only be used once.

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