Undefined Questions

Hi there!

I seem to be having problems with the reporting on a course I have recently built, as when I go to review the questions I have answered on my LMS they all appear as "undefined". All my questions and feed back are named. Ive tested it as a questions bank as well as listed in their own scene.

I've have done this in the past and not had any problems but I cant seem to see what is going wrong, any help would be much appreciated!

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Tim Clark

We finally managed to fix the reporting problem!!!

For the purpose of the course I was alligning text in my quiz buttons using the space bar, so that it looked like this:

[          answer 1]
[          answer 2]
[          answer 3]

 and for some strange reason our LMS (NTS) was reading the results as "undefined".

Now that I have removed the spacing from the quiz buttons the course is reporting properly. Our LMS doesnt like reporting on spacing before text, even.

Im not sure how oftern it will come up for everyone else but its something to look out for if your course is reading results as "undefined".