Ungrouping Clip Art

Mar 28, 2011

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I am brand new to this. I recently watched a tutoial which showed how to personalise clip art. The demonstration begane by selecting a Clip Art picture and then ungrouping it. How do I get it to ungroup? When I highlight a Clip Art picture, right click and go to Grouping all the options are greyed out. What am I missing? Help please!!!!

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David Anderson

Hi Elspeth and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

You're following the correct process, but what's happening is you're working with a flattened image--only vector art can be ungrouped. Microsoft has been pulling back the amount of clip art it offers and what you're most likely seeing is an illustration that's been rasterized.

Try scaling your image up and you should see it begin to pixelate. So, while the image appears to be vector clipart, it's really just an illustration saved as an image file.

Try a few more pieces of clip art from your library and you'll find some true vector clip art.

Luke Stollings

Dave!  Hi!  Long time no see!  Hey I got here after finding out that this video https://community.articulate.com/articles/powerpoint-series-customizing-clip-art no longer works because it used Flash!!  Any chance these awesome resources you guys created will be resurrected somehow in a non-flash way?  Thanks in advance.  In the meantime, I'm grateful for your screenr because it covers the main idea of the other post.