Unlocking the seekbar after course completetion

Working in a highly regulated industry, it is almost always mandatory that we lock the seek bar in courses to ensure that the learner has seen all of the material that is being presented. However, I have recently run into issues where learners want to go back and review materials after completing the course but do not want to sit through the entire slide and would prefer to drag the seek bar. I do not believe that there is a way to do this in Storyline but has anyone found a creative way to do this such as a java script?

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Richard Watson


A quick search of the forums indicates this is a highly sought out feature that is still not available in the current versions of Storyline. I did come across this article that might be useful for you.  They are using the story.js file which creates the html container for the flash output. Next, they add a line of code that adds an HTML object on top of the area where the seek bar is located. From reading thru the comments, it sounds like it is hit or miss though. Hopefully, we'll see this as a new feature as I can see how it would be very useful for the compliance-based courses.



Darren Wall

You're onto something when you say Javascript is the way forward.

This will take a bit of prep work to get going. In my mind, I'd have an opening slide branch off into two streams, one which will be your compliance course with the nav locked down, and one with a seekbar enabled (this can be done from the slide properties tab, just change the drop down in player features to 'custom for the selected slides'.

The idea is to use javascript to detect whether the course has been completed previously, you can do this using lmsAPI, find one that will change depending on whether the user has completed the course (i've included a word doc that goes into more detail with this) - use this variable to dictate which slide to go to next, either the seekbar enabled slide or the locked down version.

Thanks, Darren