Upcoming LMS launch.. any tips?!

May 23, 2012

Hi guys - I am about to launch our new LMS we have been working on.. it is a customer facing LMS and so have been working a lot with our marketing team to make sure it has the right 'look and feel', but was keen to know if anyone had any tips for ensuring a successful launch?

My plan is to run a soft launch on selected customers and colleagues, and then a full launch once we have had some feedback. I was thinking about creating an interactive launch video to present the concept - probably using Storyline... but haven't started that yet.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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Phil Mayor

Hi Ant, soft launch is a good idea.  Get the most IT illiterate people to use it.  then put an FAQ on the frontpage with all the problems they give you.  Run a load test so you know when it starts to slow down, produce as much help documentation as possible be prepared for some fun.

Video sound good.

Good luck

Bruce Graham


All of the aboove

Useful to have a specific usergroup/focus group test in a soft launch. You will/may find your strongest advovates and your biggest "enemies" swap positions, because the advocates are dissappointed that it does not solve all the problems of the World, and the "detractors" can see and feel it, see and feel the benefits, and then completely flip their allegiance.

I have seen it happen before...worth watching out for, and acting accordingly.


Eric Nalian

We launched our LMS over a year ago, and we are still tweaking/configuring.  It never ends...

Dave Newgass said:

Here's my advice.....

Push the go button, grab a bottle of booze and run into another room, turn off the lights and hide.

Good luck with your launch!


We basically did this.  We had some small user/focus groups and after we worked out their kinks, we just turned it on and held training workshops to get folks used to it.  It has been a non-stop adventure ever since!

Our biggest issue after launch was automated emails.  By default all of them were turned on and our team members were drowning in them.  Check and double check all scenarios that involve automated emails being sent.

Shwetha Bhaskar

I don't know the average user demographic of your audience, but we found that we had underestimated the software/infrastructure our learners were using before we launched our LMS. If I had a $ for every tech support question we got that involved either downloading or updating Flash Player plug-ins to be able to view content! If possible, I would specify a brief, easy to understand list of technical requirements to use your learning management system to avoid these hassles (Flash Player required version and compatible browsers, at the very least). On a related note, we found that video tutorials were ignored by some impatient learners (though it's a great idea to have a launch video for folks that aren't! A short Screenr might be a quicker efficient option than using Storyline?). So it might be good to have a few instant instructions on getting started in text form, perhaps a handful of bullet points e.g. Step 1: To get started, create a user account by clicking __ on the top right corner Step 2: Browse list of courses etc...