Updating a module breaks bookmarking to the LMS

Mar 16, 2017

hey all,


I've got a problem with a storyline 2 module that I've made changes, and uploaded it onto our test LMS environment. The changes to the module are showing up but bookmarking is no longer being sent to the LMS. We get a "data can't be saved" error which is a specific pop-up message by the LMS. This only happens if you have used the pervious version of the module before. If you've only seen the new version, or completely cleared my cookies and cache in the browser, then the module functions as expected.


The original version's bookmarking worked as the user is meant to be able to revisit a list of items change them if they want. If they close the module and re-open it, it still held them too.


The new version shows the saved list of items from the pervious version but when change it now and close the module we get the save error. When I open the module is sends me back to the original version's last bookmark and not the new version.


Has anyone encounter anything like this before where updating a module breaks it's bookmarking with the LMS.


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Allen  Wong

Hi Leslie,

thanks for referring that article. Unfortunately I've already thought of that and the suspend_data is well within the limit (1000-ish characters). It is currently published to SCORM 2004 3rd edition.

We've turned on the in-built debugger and compared the logs to a working version and a non-working version. They're identical so I keep going toward an LMS problem.

Has there ever been reports of LMS or browsers not being able to re-establish LMS connection once a module has been updated? I've previously used Litmos and it updated fine.

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