Updating content in multiple courses


Is there a way to update content in multiple (interconnected) courses in shot? One way I can think of is use tags to search for courses (in LMS), which will obviously list all the courses related to the tag. Then, update the content in each course.
I am not sure if this is the best way to approach it. Are there any work-arounds or best practices to do this? I use Moodle for my courses. Appreciate your help!
Thank you!


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Indu Gopinath

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for responding!

We create courses in Moodle, and are not using any other tool to create the courses. Eventually, we plan to buy Articulate, but that decision is still pending. So for now, it's all in Moodle. 

Why and what do we need to update:

Let me explain with an example. Suppose we have two or three related/interconnected courses on a Product. Let us also imagine that there are multiple courses on this product in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. If there is a feature update, any content that has references to this feature will also need to be updated in the course at all three levels.
In such a case, one way I can think of is to sift through the content and make updates wherever applicable. (A course outline is perhaps the best guide in this case.) This could be cumbersome and time consuming. 

So, in such cases, which involve multiple updates across different courses, is there a better way to update the content quicker?

I hope my requirement is clear.  Happy to explain if you need more details. Really appreciate your willingness to help!