Having trouble with completion in LMS - Can someone review my quick 3 slide file?

I recently received a storyline file with content, an acknowledgment slide, and a completion slide made in an earlier version of storyline which had no problem being completed in our LMS. When I updated the file to 360 it did not complete in the LMS and was marked as 'in progress'. Has anyone else had this happen after upgrading a file to 360? 

I have posted the three slides and hope someone can review the back end to confirm the slides are set up correctly. Maybe there is something I have overlooked. Thanks!!!!

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Janelle: You tracking settings look good. So maybe this is a quirky LMS thing. If the problem continues, you might consider basing completion on a quiz. Basically, you could turn the acknowledgement on slide two into a quiz question. You could tweak the correct answer to read something like "I acknowledge..."

Hope things are well.