Urgent: Timed Searchable Transcripts for Videos


Has anyone created time stamps video transcripts in Articulate Storyline similar to what we see in many free courses offered in moocs? Refer to the screenshot attached for an example.

The goal is to have a time stamped transcript on screen for videos, which learners can view and directly click to view that particular section of the video.

Example: A video demonstrating how to make pasta with transcripts - the learner reads the transcript as the video plays - and directly does to the section where the recipe for pesto is provided instead of seeing the whole video demonstration.

Has anyone done this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Nancy Matheny

Hi Sonia,

I haven't actually done this yet, but I did find some additional information that may be useful.

Since you can embed a YouTube video in Storyline and since YouTube offers the interactive transcript option, would that be a possibility for you?

How to add a YouTube video to Storyline

Also, YouTube offers the interactive transcript feature you are seeking (see "View captions transcript" in the post below):

YouTube - View captions transcript

YouTube's interactive transcripts

Hope that helps!