Use variable to place drag object into a target drop object

Hello all. I haven't figured this one out yet, so I'm appealing for Hero Help...

I have a drag and drop question early in my course. Eight drag objects, three targets. There are no correct or incorrect answers, but I assign a value of 1-3 to each drag object, depending on which of the three targets the learner drops it on.

The problem: at the end of the course, I want to reintroduce the slide, with the drag objects all in place, where the learner left them. How can I use the variable to place the object in the target where it was left?

I'm continuing to think and work on this, but just in case I can't figure this out, would love any suggestions.  Thanks!

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Robert Edgar

OK, I solved it. In the second appearance of the screen, I placed copies of all eight draggable objects into each of the three targets. Then I defaulted them to Hidden when the screen's timeline starts:

Hidden draggables in each of three targets

Then I check each draggable item's variable to find which target it had been dragged into. 

I then set the corresponding copy to Normal.

That way, each of the eight is represented in the target where it was left in the earlier screen.

Here is my test with just one of the draggable items, that I had dragged into the first target:

One item normalized where it was dropped.

The item is still draggable, and my code updates the variable when the learner re-assesses the problem, so I can save it to the server document the answer (using SCORM 2004).