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Hi I was wondering if I can get some tips on how to get started to write a software user manual for a CRM system. Its replacing a old system. What is available now is the user stories. I was wondering if UAT test scripts can be used to write the user manual, but was not sure how to use them . Any help and templates to write the software user manual will be highly appreciated. Thanks . Amanda

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Nicole Legault

Hey Amanda!

Thanks for posting this question here in the forums! I haven't personally had much experience writing user manuals, but I think they are often created by technical writers, so you might want to look into technical writing best practices, standards, etc. a bit.

From my experiences and what I have seen though I think you should be able to work from your testing scripts because in the end, the user manual usually ends up being a step-by-step guide for using the software. So I'd say the the test scripts (which are usually step by step guides) can definitely be leveraged and repurposed to save you time. In fact, it would seem to me that means the longest and most time intensive part of your job (task analysis) has already been completed for you!

You may also be able to incorporate your "user stories" as parts of a scenario, or at least for describing the context or "trigger" that would start some of the processes they learn about in the user manual.

Here are some links to some tutorials and sites I thought might be helpful for you:

Good luck with the project!!