What is Use of course completion trigger and in articulate rise how to add storyline block interactive slide with Continue Block ?

Dear All,

I have little bit confusion about "course completion trigger" If you use "course completion trigger" in one slide also in "LMS" course completion status completed. But any person  want to using custom interaction slide you have to use "course completion trigger". But I want to 10 custom interactive  slides, In Rise, in this situation User middle of the course "exit" the browser or course. User does not completed the course but In LMS status course completed. It is useful or not.


Please share ideas about these features.

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V Raja

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the reply, But here 10 slides not one course. Each slide has interactions, and I want to each slide separate lesson in articulate rise. and also not continuously. 

Example: first three slides default Rise interactions. after 2 slides has custom interaction slide. If you divide the slides into one slide as course in storyline,  you have to use "course completion trigger" at this time What will you do?