Using a game in my portfolio that I built using a template created by another


Is it OK to show an elearning sample in my portfolio that was built on a freebie template from another ID? I used Jeannette Brooks' wonderful "Help the monkey get the bananas" template and modified it for my company. I'd like to use it as a sample but I'm not sure if I should, and if I did, how to approach it (I would credit the author for the template, for sure).

What does the community think?


Andrea Squires

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Judy Nollet

IMHO, you should only include that sample in your portfolio when it starts with a full disclaimer that the work was based on someone else's template. Otherwise, you're misrepresenting your skills.

If how you modified the template isn't particularly creative/interesting, then it may not be worth including the example.

Jerry Beaucaire

I agree.  Templates used for work product is one thing, that is what templates are for.

But for a portfolio you would want to show quick examples of your skills.

But as Judy noted, if you DID do something fabulous from a starting template, you could include them both as an example of resource-building.

"I took this starting template found here... and created this."